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New Books
Freaks : a novel
The Agathas
Hollow fires
I kissed Shara Wheeler : a novel
Ballad & dagger
Belle Morte
Family of liars
Survive the Dome
Burn down, rise up
Something wicked
The fire chronicle
Dreaming of flight : a novel
Homesickness : stories
What remains true : a novel
Razzmatazz : a novel
Mother country : a novel
Storm rising : a thriller
Time shelter : a novel
The souls of Lost Lake
Strangers we know
The me you love in the dark. Vol. 1
Double shot death
Daughters of the occupation : a novel of WWII
Made in Korea. Vol. 1
Ghost of a chance
All four stars
The garden of broken things
Mustique Island : a novel
Mid-air : two novellas
Greetings from Asbury Park
All the seas of the world
A margin for murder
Kagen the damned
The wild life
The case of the shoplifter
The patient : a novel
Queerly beloved : a novel
Brave new world : a graphic novel
Empowerment! : become the person you want to be