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New Books
Moon pops
Ducks overboard! : a true story of plastic in our oceans
Brayden speaks up
Amazon River
American girl : character encyclopedia
Lore of the wild : folklore & wisdom from nature
Earth is big : a book of comparisons
Park rangers and what they do
How to find a fox
Unstoppable : women with disabilities
Shipwreck reefs
Nurses and what they do
J.D. and the family business
Little Grump Truck
Keep your head up
I am smoke
Recipe for disaster
Muddle school
Peace train
Mi casa is my home
Grand Isle
What are sisters for?
The Berenstain Bears
Nelson Mandela
Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Carnival Crime
Andy Warner
Witch hat atelier. Volume 8
Garlic & the vampire
A cub story